Our Products - #4 - Lavender Salt, Sugar, Extract and Lemonade

The fourth and final part of this series deals with food products we are currently working on: lavender salt, sugar, extract and lemonade. 
We are very excited to be in the process of obtaining a Cottage Kitchen Permit.  This will allow us to sell food products, as well as products with food ingredients in them, that can be used in different ways.  We are currently researching excellent quality products to use with our lavender buds and oils to create salt and sugar scrubs to invigorate your skin, sugars and extracts to enhance your culinary efforts, and lavender lemonade to refresh you. 
Look for these products coming soon to our booth in the mornings at the Farmers Markets on Tuesdays in Roseville, Saturdays in Auburn, and Sundays in Lincoln. 
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