About Us

Here at Lillards Lavenders, we seek to connect with our community and beyond by offering our lavender plants and products that we grow, make and sell at our farm.  Our goal is to provide education, information, benefits and beauty through the medium of lavender. 

Lillards Lavenders started on our ten-acre property with a thought – what can we do to stay here after retirement, and still remain active, interested and engaged with people in our community?  Food farming has been a central theme in the Lillard family for generations; we are excited to take that farming knowledge in a new direction, and hand down the family legacy through our next generations to come.  We are proud to say our children are now fifth-generation California farmers here at our farm. 

Lavender is a gift; it is fragrant, lovely, bountiful, calming.  We want to cultivate that gift and share it with as many people as we can.  Farmers have an innate desire to share their work for the benefit of others, and we are no exception.  We believe in what we do, we take pride in what we do, and we want to share what we do with all of you. 

Lillards Lavenders uses hands-on, natural methods of farming, taking advantage of the excellent soil and climate of our location here in sunny Northern California.  On any given spring or summer day, you can come by to see the workers or the tractor in the fields, planting, weeding, cultivating or harvesting our fragrant bounty as it blooms throughout the rows.  Our workers are family and friends, young and old, paid and volunteer – here for the lifestyle of working outside in the fresh air, sunshine and soft soil – and seeing that work come to life in the form of healthy plants and the lovely products derived from those plants.  We harvest, dry and distill all of our lavender flowers, buds, oils and hydrosols here at the farm. 

Our farm produces a dozen varieties of both Angustifolia (English lavender) and Lavandin (Intermedia lavender).  We grow and offer our lavenders for their best features:  some provide excellent fresh or dried bouquets; others produce high quality oils or buds for fragrance, culinary use, crafts or value-added products; still others fare best as beauty in the fields for photography, or for handpicking by visitors.  You can find our products on our property in Lincoln, here on our website, and at the year-round Placer County Farmers Markets. 

Thank you for being here at Lillards Lavenders!

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