Our Products

While we are not selling online yet, we are very excited to be selling in person! See below for a list of our products.

Essential Oil

Our essential oil comes from our different lavender varieties on the farm. Each variety has a different scent profile making it truly unique. Come find your favorite variety!

*NEW* Fresh Bundles

We are so excited to be bringing fresh lavender flowers to farmers markets. These are a seasonal product since lavender does not bloom year-round. Get them while you can!


Firestarter bundles are perfect for camping or for your fireplace. Our lavender stems are bundled together and dried. The stems retain some oil and when lit, are lightly lavender scented.


Hydrosol is a biproduct of our lavender distilling. Combining the best scents of the entire lavender plant. Hydrosol combines flower fragrance, wood essence and leafy stems to produce a smell reminiscent of the lavender plant as a whole. Perfect for freshening up linens, furniture, and more.


A collection of lavender buds harvested at their peak oil time. Squeeze and roll the bag to unleash wonderful scents wherever you choose to place it. Perfect for rooms you want smelling fresh and flowery.

Dried Bundles

We take our fresh cut lavender and dry them in a cool, shady place. This allows for the plant to retain its color and scent. Beautiful in any room.

Farmers Market Schedule