What goes into the plant goes into your body!

This principle is what we base every decision on, whether it is how we take care of our plants, or what we put into our products.

No pesticides

We believe in feeding our plants only what they need to be healthy. Water is essential, but water can mix, soak and spread anywhere. That's why nowhere on our farm do we use harsh pesticides. Instead we use a water, salt and vinegar mix to keep down weeds and bugs, and we hand weed the lavender plants.

Careful Distillation

When it comes to distilling our lavender, we use only water and heat to extract the oil and hydrosol from our plants. We keep the process simple and the oil unadulterated so our products can be used without worry. We take great care in our distilling process as it's essential (pun intended) for getting quality lavender essential oils and hydrosols.

Quality Ingredients

We do extensive research on the ingredients we put into our products and take great care in sourcing from reputable suppliers. The importance of quality and simplicity is integral to our products.

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